About Incisive

We have been coaching since 2007 with pride !

We, at INCISIVE, believe that immense power lies within each one of us! Every individual is like an oyster fostering a pearl that is waiting to be discovered and polished.

To recognize and unleash your potential, we bring together an enthusiastic and talented team that helps you shape your future and sculpt a distinguished personality. With sizeable industry understanding and professional experience, we have built ‘INCISIVE’ – a finishing school with a difference. If you are the clay, we have the molds and if you are the sculpture, we have the chisels. Welcome to INCISIVE – a corporate finishing school that helps you gain a cutting edge. Come, become industry ready

– Sharp, Effective, Clear with INCISIVE!


To turn every individual potential into performance by providing excellent professional learnings, understanding and reach.


To mentor and groom individuals by imparting indispensable knowledge and building each one’s self-confidence through meaningful transformation and interaction with experts and leaders