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Top corporates use demanding selection processes to shortlist apt applicants from a large pool of aspirants. With more prospective employees being added to the pool every year, competition for lucrative, innovative and established jobs is also increasing. We believe that every candidate should get the best possible job for his/her competences and knowledge, through the best consultancy in Indore – Incisive Finishing School. To meet this objective, our well-designed campus recruitment training module comes to rescue.

Incisive Finishing School – one of the best schools in Indore – has a comprehensive program designed to train students for all the phases of the campus recruitment process like group discussions, interview preparation, aptitude & verbal ability test preparation and complete personality development. The deliverables include wide-ranging topics that are relevant in current times, such as enhancing interpersonal and communication skills, channelizing the thought process, functioning as a team player and a team leader, using body language to build rapport and trust, developing decision-making skills, negotiating and convincing, perfecting spoken English and quantitative skills, logical ability, reasoning power, verbal efficiency etc.

Honing the necessary skills and learning from experts, helps each one to get industry-ready and thereby pursue their dream job.

Group Discussions are done to select candidates possessing good interpersonal skills, appropriate knowledge, communication skills, clarity of thoughts, ability to think differently, play role of a team player and can act as team leader. At Incisive We help you to channelize your thought process and provide you with the right skills to crack a Group Discussion.


  • Tips to crack GD
  • Learn to use proper body language
  • Covering various types of GD
  • Economical/Social/Abstract GD in detail
  • Extensive practice of Group Discussion
  • General Awareness Sessions and Case Study

A personal interview helps the selector to gauge the candidate’s suitability. A personal interview aims to access the decision making, problem solving and the ability of communicating with others. At Incisive, the following deliverables of the course makes you competent & the most suitable candidate for the job.


  • Introducing yourself
  • Priorities of your life
  • CV preparation
  • Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)
  • Tips to Dress for the “BIGDAY”
  • Use of Body Language to build rapport
  • Psychometric Test Preparation
  • Tips to Handle Management Round
  • Techniques to help control interview nerves
  • Developing Decision Making Skills
  • Ability to Deliver Convincing Answers
  • Art of Negotiating Salary
  • Practicing Impossible questions
  • PersonalS.W.O.T.Analysis
  • Mock Interviews Practice Sessions
  • Video analysis of an individual
To benefit fully from the course, we recommend that you should have at least an intermediate level of English

This test is done to screen the students who posses good aptitude skills, it helps you to give a good idea about your Quantitative Skills, Logical Ability, Reasoning Power & Verbal Efficiency. At Incisive We help you to increase your speed & accuracy by making you to practice the different levels of the questions.


  • Quantitative and Data interpretation
  • Practicing Shortcut methods
  • Preparing Company Specific Questions on various topics
  • Enhancing Verbal Ability
  • Reading Comprehension Skills
  • Logical,Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning