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IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) are highly recognized official English exams across the globe. Their purpose is to evaluate the English level of the taker across diverse parameters including reading, writing, listening and speaking. IELTS and TOEFL are among the most accepted English language exams to testify English language proficiency. If an individual wishes to study in the US, UK, study in Australia, study in Canada or study abroad, the exams are particularly important.

At Incisive Finishing School – one of the best ielts coaching in Indore, genuine updated content, daily practice sessions, skimming techniques, regular mock tests and expert guidance prepares the learners to confidently take the tests and score well. Encouraging idea building, personalized attention and feedback, and confidence building are the fortes of trainers at Incisive Fishing School, which is one of the top consultancy in Indore. Every module of the exam – listening, speaking, reading and writing is dealt with discretely and as a whole, to prepare individuals for superior challenges and performance. Realize your overseas dream with immaculate IELTS/TOEFL training with the best English coaching in Indore.

The Listening Module

IELTS: 40 Mins., 40 Questions
TOEFL: 60–90 Mins., 34–51 Questions

Listening differs through a British accented voice. Ielts Training at Incisive makes a candidate more competitive for better comprehending. The best ielts preparation course in Indore will surely make you score higher band in Ielts.

The main points which are emphasized at training are as follows:

  • Daily Practice Sessions throughout the training.
  • Techniques for improving MEMORY.
  • Developing power of INTERPRETATION.
  • Improved Listening skills.
  • Personal Sessions and Daily Feedback.
  • We emphasize on building main ideas.

The Reading Module

Academic  |  General Training

IELTS: 60 Mins, 3 Passages, 40 Questions, 4 Sections
TOEFL: 60–80 Mins,36–56 Questions,3 or 4 Passages

We emphasize on Reading Comprehension and its Attributes. It helps aspirants to score the best IELTS/TOEFL result. Here at INCISIVE since we provide personalized training, hence we are able to work on every fine detail and can help you score better in every way.

Have a look at how we train you :

  • Authentic Updated Fresh Content, to make sure you are working in the right direction.
  • Daily Practice, to get you in the flow and for practicing time management.
  • Skimming Techniques.
  • Complete IELTS/TOEFL Reading Mock Test at regular intervals.
  • Paragraph Focus so that you can deal with the long paragraphs.
  • Tips and ways to get through the test successfully.

The Writing Module

Academic  |  General Training

IELTS : 60 Mins – 2 Tasks
TOEFL: 50 Mins -2 Tasks

The writing plays significant role in IELTS/TOEFL results. Our training methodology enhances the actual writing abilities. For doing this you need to be trained specifically for IELTS/TOEFL writing, being a good writer is just not enough. Hence, at INCISIVE we provide you focused training. If you are a good writer that’s an add on, but still you got to practice a lot for the kind of writing required to clear IELTS/ TOEFL

We go through a Targeted Training Methodology which includes:-

  • Creating a logical flow in your writing.
  • Grammatical accuracy and building powerful vocabulary.
  • Idea development.
  • Personal assistance feedback for better writing.
  • Situation translations and speaking techniques.

The Speaking Module

IELTS: 15 Mins., 3 Parts
TOEFL: 20 Mins., 6 Parts

The speaking part is all about spontaneity, confidence, flow of thoughts, accurate thinking and fluency. INCISIVE trains you particularly the best for speaking as it is our core competency.

INCISIVE Ielts course offers youthe following to gain perfection in speaking :

  • Neutralising your accent, as having mother tongue influence is a common problem.
  • Developing fluency by going through a separate speaking practice module.
  • Idea and thought generation exercises.
  • Daily speaking exercises to make you comfortable and for enhancing confidence.
  • Overall grooming, so that you can present yourself in a better way.
  • Situation translations and impressive speaking techniques.

Thus, we ensure you the best results.