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Some people are natural leaders, while most can develop the required skill set with correct guidance and comprehensive practice. Since leadership can be inculcated, leadership development becomes an extremely important element of any individuals’ personal and professional journey. The job of a worthy leader is to get the most out of self and others by demonstrating specific behaviors, attitudes, and skills that can inspire and guide those following.

Furthermore, a good personality is the sum total of the person’s qualities, characteristics, attitudes and quirks, psychological traits, beliefs and motives which make up his individuality. Personality development therefore means an improvement in all spheres of the individual’s life.

Incisive Finishing School, premium personal development classes in Indore and grooming classes, offer unique well-structured skills training and personality development training. An exceptional communication development program is designed to shape skills at the individual level as well as at the group level. To gain a competitive edge over peers, the leadership and development program facilitates personality transformation, powerful vocabulary building, leadership enhancement, verbal skills improvement and nurture a flashing personality and a positive attitude towards oneself and

Incisive is the place to be!


Duration : 12 Weeks  90 Minutes Session Daily

Deliverables :

Smart English Vs Normal English:

Advanced Vocabulary,High Impact Phrases,Business Vocabulary,Corporate Jargons,Rectification of Grammar Errors. Use of Common Idioms.

Soft Skills Development:

Communication Skills, Public Speaking, Presentation Skills, Oratory Skills, Meeting Handling, Panel discussion, Pursuasive Skills, Delivering  Seminar, Convincing & negotiation skills

Leadership Enhancement:

Problem solving skills, Boosting creativity, planning & execution, managing stressful situations, team building skills,Art of dealing with difficult team members.

Personality Transformation :

Life Transforming Session, Self Motivation, Body Postures & Gestures classification, Positive attitude building, Serving & Dinning Etiquettes, Professional Manners, Goal Setting, Time Management.