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As businesses evolves, successful selling requires individuals to upgrade their skills and capacities to become consultative and value-oriented. Understanding the sales process, and how to build long-term customer relationships, is incredibly important regardless of the industry or career. Through effective selling, the business’s sales professionals need to excel at every stage of the customer’s buying process, and eventually turn the lead into business on the right terms and in the right timeframe. The best salespersons take their sales to the next level by not plain selling, but rather by developing mutually beneficial relationships with their clients.

The course adds supremacy to the overall selling process, right from identification to execution.

  • It helps in obtaining profitable business and in developing a productive relationship with the accounts, benefiting both the business and the clienteles.
  • Empowers the salesforce to independently develop effective strategies, maximize their resources and actively identify opportunities.
  • The program from INCISIVE helps salespersons develop skills for analyzing a business and establish a mission, strategy, tactics and actionable goals.
  • Through rich and contemporary content and execution, the course helps sharpen the skills of even experienced sales representatives.
  • The training will help workforce identify profitable trade opportunities and expand business
  • Mine the gold in the existing client database and extract maximum business
  • Differentiate the company and offering by dominating the sales process
  • Optimize the ability to positively influence and interact with the customers
  • Decipher and capitalize on the critical needs of prospects
  • Enable to respond to immediate needs and competitive threats
  • Adjust selling approach to the existing economy
  • Be a “proactive” business developer
  • Supplement existing workforce-building programs
  • Increase percentage of wins and long-term associations
  • Redefine problems of selling and put them into fresh perspective
  • Enhance interpretation and analysis skills
  • Build self-esteem and an impressive personality

This program is ideal for any sales people who want to increase their close rates including Junior Sales Representatives, Account Managers, Sales Managers, B2B Sales Heads, and Business Development Managers etc. All professionals involved in pitching, proposing and direct or indirect selling should also undertake this training. Suitable for other professionals such as customer service and technical support representatives, trainers, product managers etc.

  • A professionally designed curriculum
  • Realistic scenarios and learning objectives
  • Industry professionals and expert trainers
  • Blended learning including theory and practical
  • Able supervision and superlative management