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Professional skills such as headship, interpersonal skills, writing skills, mentoring, project management, conflict resolution etc. are value-added skills necessary to any career or profession. Skills development training is essential for the sharpening of skills, perceptions, changing of attitude and gaining more understanding to enhance the performance of employees. INCISIVE offers lucrative skill development training which is targeted towards enhancing the skills that are required for multifaceted growth and all-inclusive development, both personally and professionally. Laying emphasis on the skills that are absolute must-haves, INCISIVE program is expertly designed and is relevant across businesses and industries.

When skill development trainings stem from the organization, the employees’ exhibit increased job satisfaction and morale, improved motivation and efficiencies, enlarged capacities to adopt new expertise and approaches, augmented innovation in strategies and products and more. Skill enhancement modules at INCISIVE endeavor to provide the right opportunity and knowledge to the employees in order to develop and strengthen the necessary skills required by them to gain, maintain, and advance in a chosen area.

Through effective skill enhancement with INCISIVE, individuals become more skilled, competent, and confident in themselves and their performance, and are better able to reach the goals they set for themselves

we have conducted 1 day  workshop on following topics at distinct Institutions.

  • Presentation Skills Improvement
  • Motivation Training
  • Positive Thinking
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Selling Skills (SKP)
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Rediscovering Creativity
  • Dealing with Negative Attitudes
  • Customer Support Writing
  • Advanced Writing Skills
  • American Accent Training