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Studies suggest that retention of information in a typical training can be less than 10%. After 30 days, 80% more is lost if not reviewed. That’s less than 2% retention after a month following training.

What if students could retain up to 90% of your training content, with less time and less effort?

This program gives teachers access to practical tools, strategies, and techniques that will make their teaching dynamic, engaging, and effective. We show you how to optimize their training environment and training programs to achieve outstanding learning results.

Teachers will learn how to:

  • Build comfortable rapport with students and get buy-in from the beginning.
  • Deliver content logically and simply in a brain-friendly fashion.
  • Orchestrate the optimum environment for their teaching
  • Engage the students in multi-faceted, ingenious ways to facilitate learning.
  • Use and combine compelling audio & visual aids to utilize more senses.
  • Choose creative and stimulating delivery formats for “dry,” technical material.
  • Facilitate partner and group activities applicable to learning goals.
  • Transfer information from short-term to long-term memory.
  • Plan and design a seamless, multi-sensory training that will have lasting impact.
  • Apply Accelerated learning strategies for results-boosting, super-charged training.