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Many individuals, in both personal and professional lives, feel overwhelmed by the all the demands, distractions and expectations of others because of limited availability of time. Effective and efficient time management is a very important skill to have in the modern day. It has been increasingly important to get more done in less time by eliminating time management errors and replacing them with time management skills. Time management skills include prioritization, prevention, planning, organization and delegation. To accomplish more, make better decisions, work more efficiently and lead a well-paced and successful life, time management is indispensable.

  • Time management training at INCISIVE will help individuals, teams and businesses to increase individual and organisational productivity, reduce stress, and improve outcomes.
  • Delivers the best practices for prioritizing tasks, overpowering procrastination, improving concentration and dealing with frequent distractions
  • Helps individuals learn tools, methods and techniques for goal setting, prioritization, scheduling, and delegation to overcome time management challenges.
  • Empowers them to keep the tide of external demands at bay and develop a truly efficient routine and rhythm to the day.
  • Helps each one to reach their goals by learning how to budget time wisely and excellently—and continually rethink and reprioritize to do maximum in minimum time.
  • In entirety, the course will open each one to more satisfaction, increased energy levels, and get more of quality time.

The training will help individuals to:

  • Achieve better results through effective planning and clarifying personal and professional objective
  • Increase their individual productivity, accountability and commitment
  • Create an action plan for time-management process and identify ways to evaluate and improve
  • Recognise and overcome barriers to successful time management
  • Identify specific time management tools and use them effectively
  • Manage resources both effectively and efficiently
  • Understand common time management mistakes and learning to avoid them
  • Gain more control and derive better value from time and life
  • Gain increased recognition and rewards from higher personal productivity levels

Professionals in a variety of fields who are seeking improved time-management skills so that they can perform more effectively. Team leaders, supervisors, managers and all professionals, students and individuals who want greater control of their time, management style and life.

  • A skillfully premeditated program
  • Representative scenarios and learning objectives
  • Comprehensive toolkits and exercises
  • World-class implementers
  • Group exploration and facilitator-led discussions
  • Best practice theory exploration