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A flawless, well-intended language and accent not only delivers the message, but also conveys a great deal about a person and his/her personality. In personal as well as professional realms, judgments are made based on the way one communicates. A solid vocabulary, flawless grammar nuances are inadequate without well-practiced speech and accent.

The voice and accent training delivered by Incisive Finishing School – the best spoken English and personality development classes in Indore – is based on internationally curated content and is provided by involving three areas of language origin that cover academics, corporate and street language by native speakers. This robust framework includes voice clarity and breathing exercises, pitch variation, speech patterns, vowel and consonant sounds, word and sentence stress, US/UK accent development, understanding phonetics, usage of idioms, intonation laws mastery and stimulating practice exercises. This program is intended to improve pronunciation and speech skills of students and professionals at various levels.

Incisive Finishing School, revered as top consultancy in Indore, helps build engaging personalities through fluent spoken English, interview preparation, grooming classes, which are natural by-products of a flawless voice and accent training. Stand out among others with a winning personality!


  • Removing Mother Tongue Influence(MTI)
  • Neutralising Your Accent
  • Mouth and Jaw Relaxation Exercises
  • US/UK Accent Development
  • Introduction to Vowel and Consonant Sounds
  • Voice Modulation, Intonation Pattern and Syllable Stress
  • Tongue Twisters and Articulation Exercise
  • Digitized Training Material
  • Over 50 Audio Exercises to Practice Accent