Ritu Awasthi

Chief Trainer

Ritu is an exemplary professional and is excellent at mentoring new talent. She assists in the instructional design of  trainings like business writing, communication skills, personality building etc.

Mikola Andrejeue

R & D Specialist

Multitalented and multidimensional by nature, Mikola Andrejeu carries out planning and control, media campaigns, HR and other activities of business development and expansion for different businesses in India.

Anjani Tiwari

Operations Manager

Anjani is a qualified trainer for English language and IELTS preparation. She is known to efficiently develop individual motivational learning goals with learners to increase engagement and learning.

Jolanda Durietti

International Trainer

Jolanda an international trainer from Milan, is here to provide a global exposure and sharpen skills to match the international platform.  Her forte is in soft skills training and personality development.

Varun Chinche

Soft Skills Trainer

Varun is charismatic trainer. With his friendly approach, interactive and adaptive learning style, trains young talent to become corporate ready and confident in every walk of life.

Pooja Biswas

IELTS Trainer

Pooja is a charismatic person with an impeccable command on language. Her training sessions are full of enthusiasm, conviction and just the right amount of theory.

Parkshit Ramesh

Relaxation Coach

A Proactive personality, committed team leader with exceptional personality development skills, superior communication and negotiations skills.

Rachel Pawar

Language Trainer

Dedicated and committed trainer. Rachel's training is described by students as energizing, engaging, practical, team focused and thought provoking.

Deepesh Shah

Language Trainer

Deepesh has a knack for tapping opportunities, to help students develop skills and gain confidence in their abilities whilst also identifying areas for improvement.

Mayank Makhija

Soft Skills Trainer

Mayank is a friendly trainer, with a well structured and practical activity based methodology. Coaxes students out their comfort zone with his confidence developing techniques.

Rashi Singh

Head Counselor

Rashi is an experienced counselor with a perfect level professionalism with the right tinge of personal touch in her advice that always helps students resolve their dilemma.

Asha Saha


Asha, a pro at multi tasking, possesses excellent interpersonal skills and a positive approach which helps in providing best career guidance to students.