Transformational Life Coaching For Ladies

  • Training Topics:

    Transformational Life Coaching For Ladies

  • Host:

    Incisive Indore

  • Location:

    Incisive Finishing School

  • Training Date:

    Dec 27,2017

Training Description

A specially designed workshop on:
Personality Enhancement, Grooming, Holiday Etiquette, Social Etiquette,Technology- Know Your Gadgets, Social Media, Basics of English, Active Listening and much more!!!

*Course Content*

Self Confidence, Self Introductions; Conducting other Introductions

✦ Becoming less shy, more outgoing.

✦ Starting Conversations, Listening Skills and how to continue conversations

✦ Managing your anger in social situations, choosing the right words at crucial moments.

✦ Conducting yourself at Social / Business; Casual or Formal occasions

✦ Body Language: Facial Gestures, Postures

✦ Learn to exchange Business Cards, Handshakes and local Customs

✦ Tip to Toe Grooming, Image, Poise, Charm, attracting others.

✦ Dress Codes to Impress: Casual, Semi Formal, Formal; Colours, Styles, Accessories

✦ Fine Dining & Wining: Be a gracious host or guest

Practical training and multi course meals

✦ Voice, Speech, Diction, Pronunciation and Accent training

✦ Learning Diplomacy & Assertiveness, Compliments & Criticism etc.

✦ Handling yourself at Public Places and Events and networking with others.

✦ Electronic exchange: Telephone & Cell Etiquette, Email

✦ How to create lasting relationships by Gifting & Thanking

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